Kiva Lenders

Each Kiva loan is crowdfunded by tens or hundreds of lenders who each contribute $25 or more.  These lenders may include individuals, members of Lending Teams, institutions that have generously created matching funds, and our own DBRC Kiva Lending Fund.  

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How does a kiva loan get funded?

Kiva loans are crowdfunded by an international community of over 1.8 million lenders.  However, with anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000 loans fundraising on the Kiva website at any time, many entrepreneurs do not reach their crowdfunding goal and are left empty handed.  To ensure that a growing number of Pittsburgh businesses can receive Kiva loans, Riverside Center for Innovation works to increase the number of Pittsburghers supporting our budding micro-enterprises by lending local via Kiva.  

“It’s an amazing thing to have a community at your fingertips that believes in your vision and supports you. Kiva helped me get my first dream off the ground and has given me the confidence to grow my dreams exponentially!”



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How can my organization help?

Here are some way you can get involved:

  • Lend to a Pittsburgh business
  • Join the Kiva Pittsburgh lending team

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