During the COVID-19 outbreak, new applicants are eligible for a grace period of up to 6 months.  
In addition, in order to help more established businesses in need of working capital during the associated shutdowns,
Kiva has increased the maximum loan size to $15,000.  

Kiva Pittsburgh

Kiva offers 0% interest loans of up to $10,000 to small businesses in the United States. Riverside Center for Innovation partners with Kiva to help entrepreneurs in our region take advantage of this great opportunity.

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What is kiva Pittsburgh

Kiva helps financially excluded and socially impactful entrepreneurs access capital via crowdfunding.  Riverside Center for Innovation helps Pittsburgh businesses to submit a strong application and successfully navigate Kiva’s crowdfunding process. As of September 2019, we’ve helped over 240 businesses to take advantage of Kiva’s no-interest loans.  Businesses such as KSC Enterprises, LLC: 

"Thanks to Kiva, in May 2015, I was able to purchase equipment so my team could be more efficient. Having more than one vacuum cleaner enabled us to be in multiple places at a time.Since getting my first Kiva loan, we've grown tremendously! We're now a team of 10 and expanded to offer construction final cleans."Karen, CEO, KSC Enterprises, LLC

This incredible success rate would not have been possible if it weren’t for the dedicated Kiva Trustees around the region and Kiva’s community of 1.8 million lenders around the world.

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“It’s an amazing thing to have a community at your fingertips that believes in your vision and supports you. Kiva helped me get my first dream off the ground and has given me the confidence to grow my dreams exponentially!”



A Hair Boutique Shadyside

why kiva Pittsburgh

Business capital can be critical to starting or growing a business. However, most lending institutions require businesses to have years of tax records and good credit to be eligible for their loan products, creating a “Catch 22” situation. Kiva aims to break that cycle and be the first step on the capital ladder.

Required to get a kiva loan:

  • Have a legal business based and operating in the United States
  • Have or be able to open a PayPal account
  • Not currently in bankruptcy
  • Be able to get 15-25 people from your personal or business network to show support for your business by each contributing $25 toward your Kiva loan (their contributions are a loan, not a donation)

NOT required to get a Kiva loan:

  • Prior revenue
  • A high credit score
  • Collateral
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“Thanks to Kiva, we were able to purchase and install the proper ADA requirements for our boxing club. This was imperative since we cater to our local disabled veterans and first responders. They now have a place to train, heal, and transition.”

Brandy & Vitalis


Warriors’ Call Boxing Club

How to apply

Think a Kiva loan may be a good fit for your business? Have questions about how it works or your particular situation? Think you can’t be successful at crowdfunding?  (You can!)  The Kiva Pittsburgh program at RCI is here to help!

Feel confident that Kiva is the right fit and ready to get started?

Want to learn how RCI could contribute 30% of your Kiva loan?

Want to meet with a human to ask questions or work on your Kiva application together?

  • Schedule a phone, video, or in-person meeting with Emily Keebler, Kiva Pittsburgh Program Director at RCI (www.calendly.com/kivapgh)

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