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Linda McMahon is well known as co-founder with her husband, Vince, of World Wrestling Entertainment, a $1.58 billion enterprise that can draw 2 million to 3 million cable viewers for its WWE Raw shows.

As the 25th administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, though, Ms. McMahon is taking a lower-profile approach as she advocates for America’s 28 million small business owners.

Ms. McMahon was in Pittsburgh on Monday to meet informally with the local SBA staff members and a handful of local small business owners, part of her “listening tour” in which she plans to visit all 68 SBA district offices over the next two years.

“You can write policy all day in Washington,” she explained in a brief interview at the SBA district offices Downtown, “but if you don’t get out in the field and listen to entrepreneurs and listen to the front line staff, you don’t learn what they need.”

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