Starting My Own Business

Q: I have a great idea, but I don’t know where to begin. Can RCI lead me in the right direction?
: With its resources partners and the services at the Business Info Center, we can guide you through the process of starting up, including the essential business plan. RCI can help you decide on your business model and form of ownership, as well as develop critical cash flow projections.

Q: I’m not sure if there’s a market for my service or product. How can I find that out?
: This is RCI’s specialty! RCI can help you answer the most important question you face. Using the cutting edge Business Opportunity Development Process conducted through our Work Tank, you can determine whether your business meets customers’ unmet needs and how much they will pay for it. We can help you drastically reduce the risk of your venture.


Finding A Location For My Business

Q: I need a place to locate my new business or to accommodate my new growth? Can RCI help?
: RCI can identify buildings for lease or sale in the Pittsburgh Region. We can also help with the purchasing of financial packages, and guide you through the process.


Financing My Business

Q: Does my business qualify for state or local government loans?
: Our staff can put together a package for you of Commonwealth of PA loans for a wide range of business needs. We can arrange for Allegheny County and City of Pittsburgh loans, as well. This is in addition to several non-government agencies whose mission is helping small businesses in the region.

Q: Can RCI help me secure a bank loan?
: RCI maintains close relationships with all of the larger banks and many of the smaller community banks in the area. We can help you prepare the application and connect you with the right loan officer at each institution.

Q: My credit is bad. Can RCI help me repair it so I can qualify for a loan?
: While we do not provide direct credit counseling, we can still connect you with several providers in the region.


Special Programs Offered

Q: If I’m high school or college age, is it too early to start on my business plan?
: RCI facilitates business plan competitions in collaboration with the National Foundation for Entrepreneurship. The program starts in the fall, with awards given in the spring. We can connect you with a counselor at the Business Information Center along with all of its materials and equipment. You’ll be well on your way to owning your own business before long!

Q: Are there any services for low-income people?
: RCI operates the Save Smart Program for low-income people. If you save up to $2,000, we can match it with $2,000. You can use the money to start your business or buy a home.

Q: Is there any special help for minorities and women?
: RCI can help you become certified which will give your business extra points when bidding on government contracts. We offer one-on-one counseling for minority construction contractors.


Do you have questions about our center? You can call or schedule a visit today by contacting us. Give us a call and let us know what you’re up to!