National Association of Diverse Contractors


The National Association of Diverse Contractors was created to advocate for diverse individuals in the construction industry.


     NADC ensures the chance for members to participate in all phases of construction contracting opportunities.  This program encourages membership to work together and seek work from Project Owners and Prime Contractors when qualified work is available as well as providing non-discriminatory practices in the utilization of NADC members.  This group also formalizes existing practices and helps to implement new procedures to more effectively assist members.


As a member of The National Association of Diverse Contractors you will have access to:

  • Unique professional networking opportunities
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Notifications of contracting and business opportunities
  • Free breakfast training sessions and peer round table discussions
  • Discounted professional services and free consultations
  • Conference rooms for meetings and training


Schedule a meeting or contact us with any questions:

Riverside Center for Innovation

700 River Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


You may also visit the Diversity Business Resource Center at:


700 River Avenue

Suite 510

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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We would like to acknowledge the founders Gilbert Berry, Elizabeth Bowers, Vic Diaz, Toni SIlva, Ruth Byrd-Smith and Don Williams for their vision to create the local National Association of Diverse Contractors.  The National Association for Diverse Contractors will be transitioned into the programming of the Riverside Center for Innovation to continue its purpose of better preparing local disadvantaged contractors for construction contracts.