We help small businesses grow.

From 2009 to 2013, we generated over $527.8 million in economic impact and supported more than 3,500 jobs. Want to learn more about our impact on the Pittsburgh region?

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We currently house 54 businesses (20% women, 16% minority owned). We have several office spaces available now. You can also sign up for our newsletter to be notified of available offices.

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Who We Are

RCI is an economic development company that helps entrepreneurs start their businesses by providing office space, consulting services, educational seminars, and various programs that help startups become established businesses.

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Our Mission

The Riverside Center for Innovation holds a proud mission to be a leader in the transformation of Southwestern Pennsylvania to an entrepreneurial culture and spirit.

For more information about us and the things that we do, you can view our about us page.

RCI At A Glance

Our 54 graduates are responsible for creating over 1,500 jobs. We have packaged over $18.2 million in city, state, and lender financing.

We have offices for all kinds of small businesses, ranging from 210 sq. ft. to 4,993 sq. ft. And we have the entrepreneurial atmosphere that you can’t get from a normal office building.

Offices Available

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Tenants In The News

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Available Office Space

With over 11,000 s.f. per floor, RCI is adaptable to suit any tenant need. We house over fifty startups and small businesses, offer a wide variety of sought-after services, and offer an entrepreneurial atmosphere you can’t get in a normal office building. Contact us with questions, or schedule a visit to see what we’re all about.

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