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Riverside Center for Innovation has partnered with Reed Smith LLP, a global law firm with more than 1,800 lawyers in 26 offices, to provide pro bono legal representation to select community based businesses since 2013.

These companies sign an attorney/client engagement letter that outlines the scope of legal services that are provided and Reed Smith’s standard engagement limitations that it has with any pro bono client.

Reed Smith endeavors to provide the same level of top quality legal services to the businesses in the program that it provides to the fortune 1000 companies that pay for representation. Since this program started in 2013, Reed Smith has provided more than $1million in legal services to over 44 businesses.

In order to comply with our Reed Smith firm-wide pro bono policy, the businesses referred to us must comply with each of the following three criteria

The criteria:

  • The business is owned or operated by low-income individual(s);

  • Neither the entity nor its equity owners could otherwise afford legal services

  • The business will primarily serve low income customers or will operate in an economically disadvantaged area.