DBRC Kiva Lending Fund
DBRC Kiva Lending Fund

The Diversity Business Resource Center (DBRC) Kiva Lending Fund was created to lend up to 30% of each eligible business  total loan upon completion of Kiva’s underwriting requirements and the Private Fundraising Period.  This unique DBRC Kiva Lending Fund gives added confidence in the Kiva process and the local organizations that are supporting their efforts.  The DBRC Kiva Lending Fund requires interested clients to become a member of the DBRC for access to one-on-one business counseling, educational training/workshops, financial literacy sessions, or access to peer-to-peer mentoring programs, all effective tools that increase the success and growth of the client’s business.  

The DBRC Kiva Lending Fund is available to businesses that meet the following qualifications:

Apply Below

1.   Become a member of the Diversity Business Resource Center (membership is free and open to all)
2.   Household income under $100,000
3.   Meet with Kiva Pittsburgh Lead Staff to complete commitment form
4.   Businesses with less than 12 months of earned revenue who are seeking a loan of over $2,000 must show evidence of having taken an introductory business class or worked with a business advisor