What is BizFIT?

BizFIT is designed to assist disadvantaged business owners and entrepreneurs in the both non-construction and construction industry with the skills to operate their business from start-up to becoming a sustainable enterprise.  BizFit helps the entrepreneurs identify their strengths and weaknesses, look at their capabilities, evaluate the marketplace and to see how the entrepreneur fits into the industry, along with developing a five-year strategic growth action plan.  After completion of both Tier 3 and 2, entrepreneurs  then move to the next appropriate Tier.  BizFIT is developed for disadvantaged entrepreneurs at every stage of their business development – from the exploration of entrepreneurship as an option to the opening of the doors for the first time to development of a detailed plan to grow the business to a million dollars in revenue. 3 out of 4 BizFIT graduates are profitable.

BizFIT is a commitment over a 3 year period for a disadvantaged entrepreneur that is dedicated to establishing a viable business.

Please apply below to determine which level you will be enrolled.

BizFIT Tier Three – Start Ups:   BizFIT Entrepreneurial Preparation Series is a 8 week entrepreneurial business plan training that teaches start-up and existing (under 5 years) disadvantaged entrepreneurs the following; Mechanics of Starting a Successful Business; Market Research and Analysis; Market Penetration Techniques; How to Access Capital; Financial Statements Basics; Understanding Operations and Managing Growth.  
BizFIT Tier Two - Second Step:  BizFIT Second Step training focuses on refining key areas of the business through a focused set of workshops for those disadvantaged firms that need focused assistance in the development of core solicitation requirements.  This 6 months series begins to reinforce in much more detail the topics in Tier 3 and teach entrepreneurs on Sales and Marketing; How to Bid on the Contract; Focus on the Core Strengthens of the Business; Understanding Your Market Price, Importance of Balance Sheets to Grow Your Business; and Understanding Cash Flow Statements and Revenue/Expenses.
BizFIT Tier One – Sustainable Growth:   BizFIT Community Power to Prosper curriculum promotes the establishment, growth and long-term success of a disadvantaged entrepreneur’s business through another six (6) month training session.  RCI contracts with the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence’s Community Power to Prosper program to offer hands-on, practical business lessons for early-to-mid stage small business owners whose companies are beyond start-up and committed to growth opportunities, identify additional demand signals in their market, create products that expand their footprint, and refresh their brand to tell the story.